Some new products today including:




HQ-WB Lower Cowl Panel

FX-FJ Hood Lock Assembly in Chrome or Zinc



70-72 Left Hand Door Window Glass

68-72 Trunk/Boot Lid




70-74 Rear Valance Panel With or Without Cutouts



65-70 Transition Panel with Shock Mount



Chevy Pickup:

47-54 Bed Brace

47-54 Grille Frame Painted



63-64 Left Hand Hood Hinge



1600/510 Boot/Trunk Gutters Pair

1600/510 2 Door Rear Quarter Glass Assembly



New stock for existing parts:



Camaro 67-69 Roof / Turret Panel

Camaro 67-69 Seat Tracks L/H (2pc)

Camaro 67-69 Seat Tracks R/H (2pc)

Camaro 67-81 Floor Panel Plug

Camaro 67-69 Transmission Crossmember 4 Speed with Big Block

Camaro '67/68 Front Spoiler Mounting Kit

Camaro '69 Front Spoiler Mounting Kit




Impala 65 Inner Fender RIGHT HAND ONLY

Impala 66 Rear Bumper Bar (3pc)

Impala 65-70 Floor Panel RH


Chevy Pickup:

Chevy Pickup 47-53 Bumper Filler

Chevy Pickup 47-54 Cab Floor Shift Cover

Chevy Pickup 67-70 Front Bumper

Chevy P/U 58-59 Bumper Rear Fleetside

Chevy Pickup 47-54 Bumper Bar Front

Chevy Pickup 47-53 Bumper Bar Rear

Chevy Pickup 67-72 Bumper Rear Stepside



Mustang 69-70 Trunk Floor Complete

Mustang 67-68 RHD Wiper Motor Transmission Arms



Ford Falcon XR/XT/XW/XY Rear Bumper Bar

Ford Falcon XR-XT-XW-XY L/H Front Door Skin

Ford Falcon XY R/H Guard

Ford Falcon XW-XY Bonnet Catch & Spring



Holden LC-LJ Torana Front Bumper Bar Bracket

Holden FJ Front Overiders

Holden Torana LC-LJ Rear Bumper Bar

Holden Torana LH/LX/UC Rear Bumper without Elongated Hole (Jack Hole)

Holden Torana LH/LX Rear Bumper with Rubber Holes

Holden HK-HT-HG Bonnet / Hood Hinges (Pair)

Holden Torana LC Front Nose Apron

Holden Torana LJ Front Nose Apron



Mazda RX3 808 L/H Front Guard

Mazda RX3 808 R/H Front Guard



Datsun 1600/510/Blue Bird One piece style Chrome Front Bumper Bar WITHOUT Overrider Holes

Datsun 510 / 1600 68-73 Sill Panel